Apple iOS Holds 35% Share in Mobile Ad Impressions

According to a recent analysis by inMobi, Apple’s footprint in the mobile advertising space is expanding significantly.

The firm, which distributes nearly 100 million advertisements monthly, tracks ad delivery across various mobile platforms.

Recent data reveals a notable increase in Apple’s ad impression share, which surged from 23.2% in October 2011 to 35% by January 2012.

Conversely, Android saw a decrease of 3.2% in the same period, marking a shift from its previous dominance.

Interestingly, the top three devices receiving the most ad impressions were all Apple products: the iPhone 4, the original iPad, and the iPod touch.

Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director at InMobi, commented on the trend, suggesting that the growth in iOS’s ad market share could be linked to the successful launch and sales of the iPhone 4S and iPad within the ecosystem.

While ad impressions do not equate to overall market share, they do indicate Apple’s increasing influence in the realm of connected mobile devices.

For more insights, see the coverage on AppleInsider.

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