Wrestlefest App Review: Daily Smackdown on iPad

THQ has launched a new game titled Wrestlefest on the App Store, blending classic arcade style with modern mobile technology. For enthusiasts of WWE, this game could be a real treat, featuring a roster of famous wrestlers and a variety of gameplay modes and maneuvers to master.

The game is essentially a modern version of a 1991 wrestling game, appealing to those who cherished the original.

It boasts sharp graphics, authentic soundtracks, and responsive controls adapted to touch screens with virtual buttons and joysticks.

However, I must clarify my earlier comment about the game’s controls being “as good as they’ve ever been.” While wrestling games focus on dramatic reversals and over-the-top action, Wrestlefest might be somewhat overwhelming. The gameplay often feels chaotic, with a strategy seemingly centered around aggressive button mashing.

Without prior knowledge of the original game, newcomers might find the experience somewhat confusing.

Nevertheless, THQ encourages everyone to give it a try. Wrestlefest is available in a free version that offers a taste of the action, with an option to upgrade to the full version for US$2.99 to enjoy unrestricted access to all features.


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