Top Five Tax Filing Apps for Easy Tax Returns (Updated)

As the tax deadline of April 17 looms, many Americans are in a rush to submit their tax returns. To aid in this annual task, we’ve identified five useful apps designed to simplify the process of filing your taxes and tracking your refund.

TurboTax SnapTax (Free, but has in-app purchases)

The TurboTax SnapTax app, developed by Intuit, is ideal for those eligible to file using the 1040-EZ form. Users can simply take a photo of their W-2, answer a few questions, and then submit their return directly to the IRS.

The app is free to download, but there is a filing fee of $24.99.

TurboTax 2011 (Free, but has in-app purchases)

For those familiar with TurboTax, the TurboTax 2011 app extends this experience to the iPad. While downloading the app is free, filing a return starts at $49.99 for federal and $39.99 for state taxes.

H&R Block Mobile (Free)

The H&R Block Mobile app offers a variety of tools including the ability to check the status of your federal return, create tax preparation checklists, estimate your refund, and access a tax help center. For those filing a 1040EZ, the H&R Block at Home 1040EZ Tax app allows you to file for free.

Receipts Pro – Expense Tracking with Reports ($4.99)

The Receipts Pro app is designed to help you manage and track your business expenses.

It allows you to photograph your receipts, categorize them, and attach pertinent tax or payment details. It also features a graphical overview of your expenses and a detailed report generation tool.

IRS2Go (Free)

The IRS2Go app is the official mobile application from the IRS. It allows users to check their refund status, sign up for tax tips, and follow the IRS on Twitter.

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