Ski Helmet Powers iPods, iPhones, and Mobile Devices

Innovative strides in technology could soon make it possible for skiers to enjoy their sport without the usual concerns over smartphone battery life. According to a GlobalPost report, a collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute, TEXSYS, and the Technical University of Berlin has led to the development of a solar-powered helmet.

This helmet not only protects the head but also charges mobile devices using solar energy collected through a curved panel on its surface. Additionally, it includes built-in headphones and a microphone, enabling skiers to listen to music or communicate while on the move.

The team has extended their technological advancements to include a pair of gloves designed to interact with mobile devices.

While this technology might not attract the occasional skier, it holds significant potential for those involved in prolonged outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, and could prove invaluable for mountain rescue teams who rely on sustained communication capabilities.

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