WWDC Discussion: Profits, Taxes Tonight at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT

Despite expectations of a slowdown in domestic iPhone sales, international markets have propelled the device’s sales beyond the 35 million mark, boosting Apple’s stock over the $600 threshold. This surge came even as the company launched a new iPad model towards the quarter’s end, contributing to nearly 12 million units sold and reaching a milestone of 67 million iPads sold in just two years.

Ticket sales for Apple’s developer conference, WWDC, opened this week but closed within hours as the event sold out quickly. Some attendees who initially secured tickets were later disappointed when their purchases were invalidated due to strict group ticket policies enforced by Apple.

The New York Times continues to scrutinize Apple, using the company as a lens to view larger corporate practices. Today’s feature discusses Apple’s complex strategies to minimize tax liabilities both in the U.S.

and globally. We’ll delve into this topic and explore the impact of media strategies on corporate reporting.

Join us for tonight’s Talkcast at 10 pm ET, 7 pm PT. We invite your participation, whether it’s through calls, questions, or comments, live on Talkshoe.

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