iPhone Turns 5: My Unexpected Journey to Becoming a User

It was about five years ago when I inadvertently switched from being a dedicated Palm device user to an iPhone enthusiast. My journey began months before when I had watched the iPhone announcement, which showcased what seemed like a groundbreaking device. However, I was deeply entrenched in the Palm ecosystem, having started with a Palm IIIxe and moved through various iterations of the Treo.

At that time, I was using a Treo 650, a successor to both my Treo 600 and 300. It was adequate, despite its frequent freezes requiring a battery pull to reboot, and the daily ritual of recalibrating the touchscreen.

The device was laden with software I had invested in heavily, making the thought of abandoning it for a phone with no third-party apps unthinkable.

Then, my Treo 650 began to fail. Keys needed excessive force to register, and the touchscreen recalibration became a daily necessity. Frustrated, I inquired about the end of my contract with Sprint, only to discover it was due to expire on July 3rd.

Excitedly, I planned to replace my failing phone with a Treo 755p advertised by Sprint for $280 with a contract. However, as an existing customer, the price was $429, not the $280 advertised for new customers.

Despite my attempts, Sprint refused to offer a fair price.

Disappointed, I considered switching to AT&T/Cingular and getting a “free” Treo 680. However, I decided to compare the costs more closely, asking myself: Which is more expensive: a free Treo 680 or an iPhone? The answer wasn’t straightforward, as the “free” Treo required a $40/month data plan, whereas the iPhone’s data plan was only $20/month.

Calculating the total costs, including the contracts, the iPhone was marginally more expensive but offered significantly better value, considering its integrated storage and superior design. Thus, I chose the iPhone.

After purchasing the iPhone, I had to wait a week for my Sprint contract to end before I could start using it. Shortly after, Apple reduced the iPhone’s price and compensated early adopters with a $100 Apple Store gift card, which I received from a friend.

Ultimately, Sprint’s inflexible customer retention strategy and the poor durability of the Treo hardware convinced me to switch.

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