TUAW TV Live: Exploring Happiness and Latest Gadgets

After a brief hiatus last week due to the holiday and some much-needed downtime, I’m thrilled to kick off the latter half of the year with an episode packed with more unboxings than ever before. It’s going to be a whirlwind of new gadgets and tech, plus I’ll be showcasing some cool apps as usual.

Expect plenty of interaction with our lively peanut gallery throughout the show.

For those eager to tune in, we’ve set up a Ustream livestream and a chat feature so you can join the conversation by posing questions or sharing your thoughts. Alternatively, you can access the broadcast via http://justin.tv/tuawtvlive, where we stream in high definition.

Please remember, if you’re on the road, focus on driving and not the show.

If you’re not behind the wheel, feel free to catch the live action on your iPhone or enjoy an enhanced experience on your iPad using the free Ustream App, which is perfect for both viewing and participating in live chats.

We’re scheduled to start at 5 PM ET. If you happen to see a prerecorded segment, just refresh your browser until the live stream kicks in.

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