Speculation: Apple to Host iPhone Launch Event on September 12

Here at our outlet, we strive to minimize baseless speculation, especially when it comes to Apple, as excitement around the brand can often reach feverish levels. However, the buzz around a potential event on September 12 has gained enough credibility that it might be wise to keep that date open on your calendar.

This date is speculated for an upcoming iPhone event by Apple, as reported by multiple sources.

The news was first mentioned by iMore, followed by confirmation from sources at AllThingsD, and further supported by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop with a decisive “Yep.”

Sources close to TUAW also give the September 12 date a “99%” probability, but it’s important to note that Apple’s own financial projections suggest a decrease in profit margins due to a product transition at the end of September. This implies that any new releases, such as a new iPhone or a smaller iPad, would need to be significantly impactful to affect profit margins as predicted.

Pre-orders for these potentially higher-cost devices could begin in mid-September, influencing the financial outlook as anticipated.

For now, it’s advisable to mark September 12 in your calendar tentatively. Hold off on using permanent ink until an official announcement is made by Apple, but if the rumors hold true, we can expect confirmation in the upcoming weeks.

[hat tip Engadget]

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