iPhone Prototype Featuring Curved Glass Unveiled in Deposition

In the ongoing patent infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, a variety of iPhone, iPad, and iPod prototype images have been presented. One particular prototype, featuring curved glass on both the front and back, has captured significant attention due to its unique design.

Reported by Network World’s iOnApple, Apple’s initial witness, former designer Christopher Stringer, highlighted the prototype’s high production costs.

He explained that the technology required to shape the glass, along with the costs associated at the time, made it impractical for mass production. Additionally, Stringer mentioned that certain design aspects of this prototype were not well-received.

Another prototype, resembling an enlarged iPod mini, was also discussed during the testimony.

This model did not advance due to the discomfort of its extruded aluminum case and the technical challenges of operating antennas within a completely metal enclosure.

While the legal battles between Samsung and Apple might not be the most thrilling of spectacles, the revelation of various iPhone designs that were conceptualized but never realized continues to intrigue many.


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