Pulse News Now Available on Popular Web Browsers

Often, I’ve found myself wishing that popular mobile news platforms like Pulse News and Zite were accessible on my desktop or MacBook. Fortunately, Pulse News has launched a browser-based version of their app, compatible with any web browser.

By logging into your Pulse News account, you can access all your usual sites and feeds directly from browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. The development of this web app was supported by Microsoft, enhancing its functionality with the touch features of Windows 8.

Notably, the Windows Explorer icon is visible in the top right corner of the browser, regardless of which one you use.

The web version of Pulse News operates smoothly on Safari, offering various layout options, primarily allowing adjustments to the tile sizes. The layout adapts responsively when you resize your browser window. While there are minor issues such as text cutoffs and occasional awkward image cropping, the overall functionality is quite solid.

Clicking on a tile opens up a clean view of the article, with options to read it at the source or share it via email.

This development marks a significant progression for Pulse News. I find it quite useful and plan to use it regularly. You can check it out yourself by visiting the Pulse website, where you can either log in with an existing account or create a new one to customize your news feed.

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