Samsung Infringes Apple Patents, Must Pay $1.05 Billion

In a significant legal decision, a jury in California has ruled that Samsung infringed on several of Apple’s patents, leading to a substantial financial penalty exceeding $1.05 billion in favor of Apple. Here’s a breakdown of the verdict:

Update: The jury concluded that Samsung intentionally violated Apple’s patents, including those related to scrollback, multitouch gestures, zoom functions, design, and icon arrangement.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the verdict also indicated that Samsung encouraged its subsidiaries to infringe on these Apple patents.

However, the jury found that Samsung did not infringe Apple’s tablet design patent. They upheld the validity of all patents claimed by both Apple and Samsung.

The jury’s decision mandates Samsung to compensate Apple with more than $1.05 billion for these infringements.

It was also determined that Apple did not violate any of Samsung’s patents, and thus, owes no damages to Samsung.

The announcement of the verdict was made at approximately 2:35 PM Pacific Time.

This verdict was delivered shortly after a court in South Korea ruled that both Apple and Samsung had infringed on each other’s patents within the country. This earlier decision led to a ban on sales of older models of both Apple’s iPhones and iPads, as well as several Samsung devices, alongside ordering monetary damages.

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