Bridge Call Dialer App Enhances Conference Calling Efficiency

While the versatility of the iPhone is highly appreciated, there are times when the integration of multiple functions into one device can become a bit cumbersome, especially during activities like conference calls, which many professionals frequently handle.

Participating in a conference call can be straightforward if the service provider has direct support for iOS platforms such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, or Fuze Meeting. However, more often than not, you might find yourself scribbling down a conference number and PIN, or frantically switching apps to remember the access code before the prompt ends.

This is where the AHUB’s $1.99 app, Bridge Call Dialer, becomes invaluable.

Despite its simple interface and limited features, it excels in functionality. If your calendar has a conference call scheduled, just open BCD, and it will automatically detect the conference details from the event description.

With a simple tap, you can input the bridge number, capture the PIN, and initiate the call.

BCD seamlessly transfers the dialing sequence to your Phone app, incorporating necessary pauses and symbols, connecting you effortlessly to your meeting.

BCD also allows you to save details of frequently dialed calls for quick access in future meetings and link conference call details to specific contacts in your iPhone. This means any future invites from these contacts will automatically have the necessary call information filled in.

The latest update, BCD 3.0, introduces the option to select a VoIP application for handling calls, which can be particularly useful for calls over WiFi or internal PBX systems.

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