Report: 1 Million iOS UDIDs Leaked by Hackers (Updated)

Recent Developments: According to The New York Times, the FBI has clarified that there is no evidence suggesting that an FBI laptop was involved or that the FBI had initially sought the data in question.

The hacker collective known as AntiSec has announced possession of 12 million UDIDs for Apple devices, which they claim to have acquired by breaching an FBI agent’s laptop. This incident was detailed in a report by The Next Web.

They have made public 1 million of these UDIDs through a file on Pastebin.

A UDID, or Unique Device Identifier, is a 40-character alphanumeric identifier assigned to each Apple device. Developers often use UDIDs to provision devices for beta versions of software.

The leaked database not only included UDIDs but also had names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data. However, AntiSec has removed most personal details from the public release, retaining only the Apple Device ID, Apple Push Notification Service DevToken, Device Name, and Device Type, enabling individuals to check if their device is affected.

To locate your Apple device’s UDID, follow these instructions.

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