South Korea Probes Apple’s Antitrust Claims Against Samsung

In a series of legal confrontations that span both domestic and international courts, Samsung and Apple continue to clash over patent infringements. Notably, the dispute includes a well-known case in the Northern District of California.

Additionally, both tech giants are presenting their grievances to the FTC and various smaller regulatory entities. A recent development reported by Reuters highlights an ongoing investigation in South Korea into whether Samsung has violated antitrust laws by misusing its 3G cellular patents against competitors.

Apple has initiated the complaint in South Korea, accusing Samsung of leveraging its dominant market position to hinder competition unfairly.

Samsung holds numerous patents in the 3G technology arena and has committed to licensing these on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND). However, Apple contends that Samsung’s licensing practices are not in accordance with these terms, effectively using them to suppress competition.

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