Nokia Launches Here Maps Service for iOS Users

Apple has faced its fair share of challenges with its mapping technology, and now it seems Nokia is stepping into the arena with a new offering. During a recent event in San Francisco, Nokia unveiled a fresh mapping service named Here.

This service is set to be available on Nokia devices and has also been developed for iOS, with an app already pending approval from Apple.

In a strategic move to enhance its mapping capabilities, Nokia has recently purchased Earthmine, which specializes in 3D street-level imaging. This acquisition is expected to significantly boost the street mapping features of Here.

Additionally, Nokia plans to incorporate crowd-sourced data through a feature called “Map Creator,” and will provide updates on live traffic and transit directions as needed.

Despite its potential, Here has its shortcomings, which were highlighted in a review by The Next Web. The service will also be available as an API for Android developers, and although the iOS version will be HTML5-based, Nokia is collaborating with Mozilla to potentially bring Here to Firefox OS.


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