John Sculley Praises Apple’s Strong Management Team

Despite Tim Cook’s tenure at the helm of Apple, there remains a lingering skepticism among investors and market analysts regarding his long-term impact on the company. However, John Sculley, who previously led Apple, recently expressed strong confidence in the current management’s capabilities during an interview highlighted by The Motley Fool.

“Apple is currently navigating through a significant transition in terms of how frequently it launches new products,” Sculley stated.

“Whereas before, new products were typically launched annually, we are now seeing these launches occur biannually. This adjustment poses substantial challenges for the supply chain, but Apple is managing these challenges adeptly.

This is a testament to the company’s robust operational framework, and I believe the market may be underestimating Apple’s proficiency in handling these changes,” he added.

Sculley also commented on the company’s market valuation, suggesting that it should remain stable despite the leadership changes. He highlighted the contributions of Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, as a significant factor in maintaining the company’s innovative edge.


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