Disney and Storm8 Report High App Downloads During Holidays

During the festive season, the App Store saw significant activity, with mobile developer Storm8 revealing a substantial surge in downloads and user engagement. On December 25 alone, the company experienced over two million app downloads, a dramatic increase to more than 4.5 times their usual daily active users on a typical Tuesday.

This spike suggests that many people received new iOS devices as gifts and promptly began exploring new apps, providing a substantial benefit to developers with popular offerings on the platform.

Similarly, Disney shared impressive statistics from their holiday performance. The entertainment giant noted a 98 percent increase in app downloads during the holiday period, with a total of 15 million downloads occurring between December 22 and December 28.

Daily active users for Disney apps also soared, reaching 7.5 million, marking a 400 percent increase from the previous year. Disney’s strategic focus on its holiday app lineup evidently resonated well with users.

These success stories are typical around the holiday season, driven by aggressive marketing and promotions aimed at boosting app visibility on the charts.

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