Withings Launches New Smart Activity Tracker and Body Analyzer

Withings, known for their innovative health monitoring devices like the Wi-Fi Body Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, and the Health Mate iOS app, has unveiled their latest products: the Smart Activity Tracker and the Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 scale.

The newly introduced devices expand Withings’ suite of health monitoring technology. The Smart Activity Tracker introduces pulse measurement, a new feature not commonly found in similar devices, which also tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep quality.

It connects to the Health Mate app via Bluetooth Smart.

This compact device is lightweight at just 8 grams and features a touch-sensitive front for easy navigation. It also includes a heart rate sensor on the back, boasts a battery life of two weeks, and recharges via a micro-USB port.

The Smart Body Analyzer is an advanced scale that not only measures weight and body fat but also monitors heart rate and indoor air quality.

It provides immediate feedback on heart rate when you step on it, and it is equipped with sensors to measure room temperature and CO2 levels, ensuring a comprehensive health check every time you use it.

While the release date and price for the Smart Activity Tracker are yet to be announced, the Smart Body Analyzer is set to hit the market this quarter at a retail price of $149.95.


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