Speculation Summary: Scant Evidence in Latest Rumors

The recent week has been somewhat quiet on the speculation front, and as is often the case, the rumors were scant on details… but that hasn’t deterred the discussions about Apple’s next moves.

No HDTV from Apple in 2013, according to new report (BGR)

An analyst has recently claimed that Apple’s much-anticipated HDTV will not see the light of day in 2013. This has sparked a humorous suggestion of a dramatic showdown between him and another analyst, Gene Munster, at Madison Square Garden, with the prize being a Google TV adorned with an Apple logo.

Rumor: Apple evaluating new ‘touch-on display’ tech for next iPhone (AppleInsider)

It’s reported that Apple is exploring a new display technology that might replace the existing “in-cell” technology used in the iPhone 5.

The current technology has been linked to minor touch issues under certain conditions, adding some weight to these claims. The origin of this rumor, not being from Digitimes, also adds to its credibility.

Corning’s third-gen Gorilla Glass could be bound for next iPhone, iPad (AppleInsider)

Corning has confirmed the existence of its third-generation Gorilla Glass, though specifics on pricing and availability remain undisclosed.

Speculation is rife that this new glass will be incorporated into the upcoming Apple devices, although rumors of an early spring release make this seem improbable.

Apple’s Pandora-like iRadio Service to Launch in 2013? (MacRumors)

An analyst has recently speculated that Apple is set to launch its own music streaming service this year, echoing longstanding rumors. However, he offers no evidence to support his claim, much like his peers, who often resemble the modern-day equivalent of a suited prophet of doom, proclaiming Apple’s plans rather than the end of the world.

That Apple/Waze Deal Hits A Roadblock – That Roadblock Being Reality (Not Happening) | TechCrunch

Reflecting on last week’s rumors about Apple acquiring Waze, it’s clear now that those speculations were premature.

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