CES 2013: Nest Version 2 Update Enhances Compatibility

At TUAW, we’re quite enthusiastic about the Nest custom controlled thermostat, a standout product that improved significantly with its second version. This update introduced a sleeker design and new firmware, expanding its compatibility from 70 percent to 95 percent of residential HVAC systems.

During the CES Digital Experience event, a representative from Nest shared insights about the advancements in the latest model.

Released to consumers towards the end of last year, the updated model of the thermostat has been selling well, according to a company spokesperson, who chose not to disclose specific figures. The holiday season notably boosted sales, and the company anticipates continued strong performance in the market.

For the year 2013, Nest has no plans to release new thermostat models but will concentrate on enhancing the current version with potential firmware upgrades and fixes.

The company is committed to further development and innovation, and we are eager to see what Nest will introduce next.


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