Apple Museum Exhibit Set for Atlanta Computer Festival

For enthusiasts of Apple’s storied history, a special event is set to showcase an extensive array of Apple products from decades past. The event, scheduled for April 20 and 21, 2013, will take place in Roswell, Georgia, as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE).

This festival will feature a dedicated 6,000-square-foot area known as the Apple Pop-Up Museum.

The exhibit is meticulously organized into thematic rooms, each representing a different era or aspect of Apple’s evolution:

  • Pre-Apple Room

  • Apple I Room

  • Apple II Room

  • Turmoil Years Room

  • No Founders Left Room

  • Jobs’ Come Back Room

  • Ive’s Colors Room

  • iPod / iPhone / iPad Room

  • The Timeline Lounge

  • Apple’s Present to the Future Room

Additionally, the festival will offer practical workshops such as an “introduction to soldering” class available throughout the event, aimed at helping attendees repair or restore their vintage Apple devices. For gaming aficionados, there will be a vintage game area where attendees can play classic games on both old computers and game consoles.

Entry to the VCFSE is priced at $10 for a one-day pass and $15 for a two-day pass.

Children 17 and under can attend for free when accompanied by an adult.

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