Puzzle Retreat iPhone App: A Product of Intense Effort

The Voxel Agents, known for their popular Train Conductor series, have been developing a new puzzle game that I first glimpsed at last year’s GDC under the working title “Project: Tree.” Initially, the game appeared quite raw, leading me to decide against featuring it at that time, opting instead to wait and see its progress upon release.

As detailed on their official blog, the developers dedicated a significant amount of time refining the game’s puzzles and mechanics. This game has now debuted on the App Store under the name Puzzle Retreat.

The final product differs thematically from the version I saw at GDC, though the core gameplay remains consistent: players must slide blocks on a grid to fill all available spaces, with the added complexity of blocks that can slide over multiple spaces or blocks that must be strategically placed last.

Originally featuring tree-like beings and seeds, the game’s design was altered to incorporate wood and ice elements, which are simpler and more intuitive for players to manipulate. Puzzle Retreat has proven to be a well-crafted puzzle game, reflecting the extensive effort put into its development.

It is priced at US$0.99 and includes 96 puzzles spread over two packs. For enthusiasts seeking more challenges, additional packs containing 24 puzzles each are available for 99 cents.


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