iPhone Accessories and iTunes Outsell Many Smartphone Brands

Horace Dediu has recently developed an eye-popping chart that highlights the substantial growth of Apple’s iTunes and iPhone accessory revenues. Originally, iTunes was perceived as merely a means to drive iPhone sales, with profits from iTunes not being a primary concern for Apple.

Similarly, the revenue from iPhone accessories was once a small fraction compared to Apple’s earnings from its main products like Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Yet, when considering the combined revenues from iTunes and iPhone accessories, they surpass the smartphone revenue of all other companies, except Samsung.

Looking at the revenue figures from the fourth quarter of 2012, Nokia, the third-largest smartphone vendor at the time, garnered nearly US$5.4 billion from smartphone sales.

Sony followed with $4 billion, while both RIM and LG were close to achieving $2.8 billion each. These figures, however, pale in comparison to the nearly $6 billion generated from Apple’s iTunes and iPhone accessories alone.


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