Apple’s Improved Cooperation Noted by France-Telecom CEO

During a recent gathering with journalists at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Stephane Richard, the CEO of France Telecom-Orange, shared his observations on Apple’s current business demeanor. He remarked that Apple has shown a more accommodating and less domineering attitude recently.

“Apple has [become] more flexible, paying more attention to everyone else, probably a little less arrogant than they used to be,” Richard commented, according to AllThingsD. He also contrasted the current leadership’s approach to that of the era under Steve Jobs, suggesting that the pressure to remain competitive might be influencing their new stance.

Richard, known for his candid remarks, extended his critique to the broader mobile ecosystem.

He expressed skepticism about the emergence of a strong third player alongside iOS and Android, despite hopes within the telecom industry for such a development. Additionally, he shared his doubts about the potential of Windows Phone to make significant inroads in the market, citing its lack of distinctiveness and inability to surpass its competitors in any significant way.

The observations by Richard about Apple’s more cooperative approach reflect a broader shift in the tech giant’s strategy, possibly driven by the intense competition and established dominance of Android in the smartphone market.


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