Vdio: Rdio’s New Social Video Streaming Platform Unveiled

The digital music platform Rdio has recently unveiled its latest venture, Vdio, a video streaming platform that operates on a pay-per-view basis. This new service diverges from Rdio’s traditional subscription model and leverages a social angle with its Sets feature, which allows users to create and share playlists of TV shows and movies.

This feature enhances the discovery of new content and facilitates social interaction by showing what friends are currently watching, enabling users to join in.

Vdio prides itself on a robust selection of content, featuring many of the latest movies and TV shows. Viewers can enjoy recent films like Zero Dark Thirty, The Hobbit, and Skyfall, along with hit TV series such as Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Downton Abbey.

These shows are available for streaming just one day after their original broadcast, and full-season subscriptions are offered at a reduced rate. However, the service does not currently include programming from HBO, so fans of Game of Thrones will need to look elsewhere.

Initially, Vdio is accessible exclusively to Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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