Celebrating 50 Years of Ivan Sutherland’s Sketchpad GUI

In 1963, a groundbreaking development in computer science was unveiled by Ivan Sutherland when he introduced Sketchpad. This was a pioneering graphical system that laid the groundwork for future innovations in object-oriented and constraint-based design, predating notable developments from Apple and Xerox.

Recently, Charles Choi highlighted a video on his blog, Notes from /dev/null, where he reminisces about discovering Ivan Sutherland’s Sketchpad.

He recalls, “It’s fascinating how certain historical milestones slip into the recesses of our memory, only to resurface years later, leaving us to marvel at how much time has elapsed. I first encountered Sketchpad in the mid-90s through a videotape of Alan Kay, presented during a course by Randy Pausch.

Now, this piece of history is readily accessible on the internet.”

The technology from 1963 showcased in the video is truly remarkable for its time.

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