iPhone Jailbreak Hack Integrates Facebook Messenger Across iOS

According to a recent report by The Verge, a new jailbreak tweak has been developed that allows the chat heads feature from the Facebook iOS app to function across the entire iOS interface, similar to its operation on Android devices. This means users who enjoy Facebook messaging can now access chat heads throughout their iOS system.

The developer behind this innovation is 21-year-old Canadian programmer Adam Bell.

He anticipates releasing the tweak for download on Cydia by the end of this week, pending resolution of some minor technical issues.

The Verge details Bell’s process in enhancing the chat heads feature:

Bell’s approach involved detaching the chat heads from the main Facebook app. He discovered that chat heads operate in a distinct layer within the app, and he made the rest of the app transparent to allow chat heads to appear over other apps.

“The most challenging aspect was ensuring that this layer would display above all others,” Bell explained. Despite these modifications, the tweak does not significantly impact battery life, as Facebook continues to run in the background.

Chat heads were introduced to the Facebook app earlier this week following a significant update, as reported by TUAW.

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