Buycott App Helps You Avoid Unethical Companies While Shopping

The mobile application Buycott empowers iPhone users to express their political beliefs through their shopping habits. It operates on a straightforward premise: while shopping, users can scan the barcode of a product to discover the parent company behind the brand.

One might assume the manufacturer is the brand on the label, but this is often not the case.

Many well-known brands are actually part of larger conglomerates, which may be involved in activities or support causes that you do not endorse. This could mean that your purchase might indirectly support a corporation whose values you do not agree with.

Consider the brand Angel Soft toilet paper, for instance.

It is owned by Koch Industries, a company known for its strong political stances, which might not align with your views. Using Buycott, you can scan the product and immediately learn that Koch Industries is the owner, helping you make a more conscious decision about your purchase.

Furthermore, Buycott enables users to create and follow campaigns that align with their values.

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