Research Shows iPhones Hold Value Better Than Galaxy Models

Next time you find yourself in a debate with Samsung Galaxy enthusiasts, here’s a handy fact to bolster your argument. A recent analysis by Piper Jaffray, released yesterday, reveals that iPhones hold their value significantly better than Samsung’s comparable Android devices.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster described the study as a measure of consumer willingness to pay for phones without subsidies in the U.S.

market. The research tracked the closing prices of U.S.

eBay auctions for models like the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II over an eight-week period, charting trends in their resale values.

Munster noted, “From the data collected over eight weeks, it’s clear that iPhones generally retain more of their value compared to Samsung’s top two Galaxy models.” Specifically, the resale value of the iPhone 5 decreased by about 11.2 percent, whereas the Galaxy S III saw a decline of 13.7 percent in the same timeframe.

Among the devices studied, the iPhone 4S showed the most robust value retention, with just a 7 percent drop over the eight weeks. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note II fared the worst, with its value plummeting by 15 percent.


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