3’s Network Outage Leaves UK iPhone Users Without 3G

While out with my dog last evening, I attempted to use my iPhone only to find that I had no 3G connection. This issue isn’t unusual for me as a subscriber to UK network 3, known for their unlimited data plans but also for frequent signal difficulties, particularly indoors.

However, the complete lack of data service in an open area like the heath was particularly strange. By morning, the reason became clear: a significant portion of their network was experiencing outages, which persisted at the time.

According to Sky News, 3 has acknowledged these disruptions, describing them as “intermittent.” A representative from 3 stated, “Some of our customers are currently without internet access.

We are endeavoring to reinstate data services as swiftly as possible and regret any inconvenience caused.” The company has indicated that service restoration will occur in stages, allowing some customers to regain access to 3G data sooner than others.

As I write this, my 3G service has yet to be restored, and the same is true for several friends who also use 3’s network on their iPhones. With the ongoing service interruption, I am considering switching providers.


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