Apple Provides iPhone 5 Screen Repairs In-Store for $149

According to a recent update from MacRumors, Apple has initiated a new service this week, offering iPhone 5 screen replacements at its retail outlets for a fee of $149. This development is noteworthy due to the widespread availability of Apple stores and the reasonable cost of the service, which is considered quite competitive.

Previously, we covered the escalating prices of iPhone 5 screen repairs, where Apple’s charges could go up to $229.

This is in addition to even higher fees charged by some third-party repair services. The increased costs can be attributed to the more sophisticated and costly display components used in the iPhone 5 compared to its predecessors.

It was first hinted at a town hall meeting last month that Apple would start conducting in-store display repairs starting June as a strategy to cut down on costs, potentially saving the company around $1 billion annually.

Early today, a source informed MacRumors about the implementation of this new policy, which was later confirmed through a discussion in an iPhone repair community forum managed by Quick iFix.

The service is available for both cracked screens and displays with multitouch functionality issues.

Further reports from MacRumors suggest that Apple plans to extend its in-store repair services to include other iPhone issues such as malfunctioning sleep/wake buttons and camera problems starting from July.

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