Los Angeles Elementary School Awards iPads for Perfect Attendance

In a recent initiative by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), students who consistently attend classes are being rewarded with some extraordinary prizes, as reported by the LA Daily News. This initiative is part of a broader effort to boost student attendance rates across the district.

During the graduation ceremony at Francis Polytechnic High School, Vanessa Umana was expecting nothing more than her diploma and some happy memories. However, to her astonishment, she also received a brand new Chevrolet Sonic valued at $18,000.

This car was one of the top prizes given in a district-wide competition aimed at promoting perfect attendance among students.

It’s important to note that not all students receive such high-value prizes. The opportunity to win a car was exclusive to students who had achieved perfect attendance and were selected through a lottery system.

Over recent months, LAUSD has been distributing monthly rewards to diligent students who attend school daily. These prizes are often sponsored by local businesses, alleviating any concerns about the misuse of school funds.

While a new car is certainly a headline-grabbing reward, other students have also received exciting gifts.

For instance, five elementary students won iPads for their perfect attendance, as part of the district’s Attendance Challenge.

Reflecting on my own school days, it seems I was in the wrong district at the wrong time!

There is some ambiguity in the report regarding whether Apple directly donated the iPads for the Attendance Challenge. I have contacted Apple to get more details but have yet to receive a response.

Apple has a history of contributing iPads for educational and social initiatives. In 2011, they provided iPads to Oregon to support a pilot program designed to help disabled citizens vote more easily.

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