XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launches on iOS Devices

The highly anticipated game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available on the App Store for a premium price of US$19.99. Developed by Firaxis, this game is a top-notch turn-based strategy game from the previous year, now fully adapted for iOS.

The game mechanics have been slightly adjusted for better compatibility with the iOS touchscreen interface, maintaining the complete experience including a customizable base, advanced technology for your troops, and engaging tactical battles against various alien species.

Although the graphics performance might be slightly reduced, Firaxis suggests playing on an iPad 4 for the best experience and advises closing other background applications to optimize gameplay. This might be inconvenient for those with older models, but considering it brings a full-fledged PC game experience to iOS, it seems a minor compromise.

What sets this release apart is its premium model.

By paying upfront, players gain access to all the game’s features without any in-app purchases or freemium models. XCOM represents not just a significant gaming achievement but also a commitment to quality worth supporting.


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