Apple Patents Flexible Batteries for Potential iWatch Use

Apple frequently files patents for technologies that may never be commercially developed. Yet, occasionally, a patent emerges that aligns well with current tech trends and suggests that Apple might be developing a new product.

A recent patent for a flexible battery pack is one such innovation, officially recorded by the US Patent & Trademark Office and highlighted by Patently Apple. According to their report:

This Apple patent describes flexible battery packs designed for electronic devices, addressing several limitations found in traditional battery packs.

In one version, the battery pack might consist of multiple cells, such as galvanic or photovoltaic types, and several laminate layers that are attached to these cells. These layers, including a top and a bottom laminate, are bonded with an adhesive that isolates each cell, allowing the battery to conform to the device’s shape and enabling selective cell removal during manufacturing.

Consider the potential challenges of powering a smartwatch all day or throughout the week.


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