Are You Ready to Buy Apps Again for iOS 7?

Gedeon Maheux, renowned for his graphic design expertise and as a co-founder of the Iconfactory, recently shared insights on his blog regarding the transformative effect of iOS 7 on both developers and app users.

The launch of iOS 7 presents a significant chance for developers to showcase their applications to a broader audience. Simultaneously, existing users will anticipate that their preferred apps will adapt to the new, radically different operating system, or risk being removed from their devices.

This scenario necessitates that developers invest considerable effort, resources, and finances into revamping their apps for iOS 7.

Given that Apple’s iOS App Store does not accommodate paid upgrades, and redesigning apps for a new operating system incurs costs, Maheux points out that developers might see this as an opportunity to reintroduce their redesigned apps as new purchases, rather than free updates. This raises an important question: Are customers prepared to buy their favorite apps again for the new version of iOS?

Maheux’s discussion is compelling and explores the depth of this issue thoroughly.

However, we’re curious to hear from you. Before participating in the following poll, consider how many paid apps you actively use and depend on daily.

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