iPhone Box Scam: Woman Sold Apples Instead of Phones

In a rather unfortunate event, a Brisbane woman was duped into buying what she thought were two new iPhones for a total of $1,500 AUD (approximately US$1,300). The transaction, which took place at a local McDonald’s, seemed legitimate until the buyer discovered that the iPhone boxes actually contained real apples instead of the expected Apple smartphones.

This incident was detailed by the Herald Sun.

The scam unfolded after the victim placed an ad on Gumtree, a popular UK classifieds website where people can post free ads to sell items or express interest in purchasing particular goods. The woman expressed her desire to purchase two iPhones, which led to the deceitful exchange.

It’s a stark reminder that verifying the contents of a purchase, especially in private sales of high-value items like electronics, is crucial.

This could have saved the buyer from the scam. Always remember to check the box before concluding any such transactions to avoid similar pitfalls.


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