Apple Tops List as Primary Target of Patent Trolls

Apple Tops List as Primary Target of Patent Trolls

Being a global leader in market value naturally attracts those looking to profit through less scrupulous means, such as patent litigation. Apple, a frequent target for such claims, finds itself at the forefront of this issue, as noted by the international law firm Winston & Strawn.

Known in the industry as patent trolls, these entities or individuals acquire patents not to further product development but to initiate lawsuits against larger corporations. Apple has faced numerous claims, from allegations concerning the iPhone’s screen rotation mechanism to its in-app payment processes.

Apple Tops List as Primary Target of Patent Trolls

While many of these lawsuits are dismissed, some have resulted in court losses for Apple.

According to Steven D. Atlee of Winston & Strawn, these patent trolls target big companies with deep pockets and popular products.

“Patent litigation can be devastating for smaller firms, and even larger corporations find a significant portion of their revenue diverted to these legal defenses,” he explained.

The financial toll on Apple is increasing as the number of lawsuits from nonpracticing entities rose sharply from 18 in 2008 to 44 in 2012, as per Patent Freedom data.

However, the landscape is changing. Atlee notes improvements in the legal environment that make it harder for plaintiffs to win patent cases. “The courts and legislature are implementing measures that make it more challenging and costly for plaintiffs to secure injunctions or to even bring patent cases forward,” he said.

[Source: TechHive]

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