Apple Faces Lawsuit Over ‘Find My iPhone’ Feature

In light of a recent analysis indicating that Apple continues to be a prime target for patent trolls, a new lawsuit has emerged as reported by GigaOM. A Texas-based nonpracticing entity, known as Remote Locator, claims that Apple’s services like Find my Friends and Find my iPhone are infringing on their patents.

Details about the company’s ownership and the specifics of the patent are scant. This lawsuit is part of a broader strategy, as Google and various carriers have also been targeted by similar claims.

The core of the dispute revolves around US Patent 5548637, which details a method for “locating personnel and objects in response to telephone inquiries.” This system utilizes infrared transmitters to direct calls within large structures, such as hospitals.

Remote Locator is pushing for a jury trial and is seeking both an injunction and compensation for alleged past infringements.

The rise of patent trolls has become a significant issue within the technology industry, particularly targeting companies like Apple, which has substantial financial resources.

These entities often also target smaller developers who may not have the means to fight back against these often baseless legal challenges. The recent wave of lawsuits initiated by Lodsys highlights this troubling trend.

Recognizing the disruptive impact of patent trolls, the Obama administration has introduced new guidelines aimed at curbing these practices.

We will continue to monitor this case closely and report on how Apple addresses these allegations.

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