Prevent iOS 7 from Draining Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Prevent iOS 7 from Draining Your iPhone's Battery Life

The release of iOS 7 has brought with it an array of advanced features, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of compatible iPhones. However, these enhancements could potentially lead to quicker battery depletion. For those updating their devices, it’s possible to experience a reduction in battery longevity.

To mitigate battery drain, consider adjusting several settings to optimize the performance of your device.

Prevent iOS 7 from Draining Your iPhone's Battery Life

Turn off Background App Refresh

While iOS 7 offers the convenience of allowing apps to update in the background, this feature can significantly drain your battery.

Completely turning off Background App Refresh can maximize battery life, though selectively disabling it for certain apps can also be effective.

Manage Location Services

Many applications request access to your location, which can be useful for apps like Maps. However, if you have numerous apps tracking your location unnecessarily, it’s wise to disable this feature for those apps. iOS 7 also includes several system services that use location tracking which can be disabled to conserve battery.

Disable AirDrop When Not in Use

AirDrop makes its debut on iPhones with iOS 7, allowing file sharing directly between devices.

However, if you are not using AirDrop, it’s beneficial to turn it off. iOS 7’s Control Center, accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, provides an easy way to toggle AirDrop, Bluetooth, and WiFi, helping to save battery life when these features are not needed. Note: AirDrop is not available on the iPhone 4 or 4S.

Reduce Motion

The new 3D parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers introduced with iOS 7 are visually appealing but can drain battery life.


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