Snapchat Launches 24-Hour ‘Stories’ Feature for Photos

Snapchat Launches 24-Hour 'Stories' Feature for Photos

In a recent update, Snapchat has unveiled a significant enhancement to its platform, introducing what it calls the “Stories” feature. Detailed in a blog post, this new functionality transforms Snapchat into a more comprehensive social media environment by allowing users to compile a series of images that remain visible for a full 24 hours before vanishing.

This feature also enables users to see who among their friends has viewed their posts.

Snapchat Launches 24-Hour 'Stories' Feature for Photos

The company explains that Snapchat Stories are designed to let users share their daily experiences in a dynamic and transient manner. By adding snaps to a Story, they accumulate to form a narrative that is constantly evolving.

Each Story progresses linearly, reflecting the natural flow of how one experiences real life events. As each day concludes, the Story resets, ready to capture the next day’s moments.

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