SimCity Could Soon Offer an Offline Mode Option

SimCity Could Soon Offer an Offline Mode Option

Following a pair of problematic releases that left players grappling with connectivity issues—one targeting Mac users and the other Windows enthusiasts—SimCity may be on the verge of introducing an offline mode. A top executive at Maxis, the game’s developer, has revealed through a blog update that the team is considering this significant change.

“Currently, a dedicated team is assessing the feasibility of an offline mode.

SimCity Could Soon Offer an Offline Mode Option

While I cannot commit to a specific timeline for more details, we recognize this is a feature many players have expressed interest in. Despite resolving our server issues, offering an offline mode would not only meet player demand but also provide the modding community with the freedom to innovate without impacting the multiplayer environment.”

Until this point, both the publisher EA and Maxis have maintained that the game required an online-only setup to deliver the intended gameplay experience.

However, persistent feedback over several months appears to have prompted a reconsideration, potentially leading to the introduction of the much-desired offline mode that players have been requesting since the game’s initial launch.

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