Delaware Apple Store Leads in iPhone Sales Nationwide

Delaware Apple Store Leads in iPhone Sales Nationwide

Did you know that the Christiana Mall Apple store in Newark, Delaware, is the top seller of iPhones among all Apple Stores in the U.S.? According to ABC News, this is largely due to the absence of sales tax in Delaware, allowing customers to save on purchases compared to other states. This advantage draws shoppers from cities in New York and New Jersey.

While Apple has not officially confirmed these sales figures, employees at the Christiana Mall location have openly boasted about their sales prowess to ABC News.

Delaware Apple Store Leads in iPhone Sales Nationwide

“We’re only second in volume to the iconic glass cube store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which is open 24/7. Yet, in terms of phone sales, we lead,” claimed one staff member.

The store’s bustling activity necessitates the presence of between four and ten Delaware state troopers during business hours, a security measure fully funded by Apple.

These officers are primarily tasked with managing the large crowds that frequent the store.


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