FlightTrack 5 Unveils Fresh Features for Holiday Travelers

FlightTrack 5 Unveils Fresh Features for Holiday Travelers

For the past half-decade, Mobiata has been a staple in the travel community with its FlightTrack app. The latest iteration, FlightTrack 5, launched with a modern design tailored for iOS 7 and several new functionalities. Initially priced at $2.99, the app will see a price increase to $4.99 starting December 1, 2013.

This new version consolidates three older versions into one and moves away from offering a free version, a change discussed by the developers in a recent blog post.

FlightTrack 5 Unveils Fresh Features for Holiday Travelers

FlightTrack 5 enhances user experience by providing instant updates on flight statuses, including departures, arrivals, delays, and gate changes. This ensures that travelers are well-informed and can navigate through airports efficiently with the help of terminal maps provided by the app.

The app introduces a feature that allows users to organize flights into named trips, which is particularly handy for multi-leg journeys. Additionally, if other contacts are using FlightTrack 5, their travel details can be viewed, and flight information can be shared via email, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook.

With the widespread availability of inflight WiFi, the app now includes details about flights equipped with internet access.

Unlike previous versions that showed a direct route between two cities, the updated app displays the actual flight path along with detailed maps that include satellite views and weather radar data.

FlightTrack 5 covers over 3,000 airports globally, ensuring comprehensive flight tracking capabilities. Users can also engage with the app by shaking their device or pressing a button to track a random flight, which can be a fun way to explore potential travel destinations. The app uses a color-coded system to indicate flight status at a glance, making it easy to see if a flight is on time, delayed, canceled, or if the status is unclear.

Although some users might miss the free version, the enhanced features and reliability of FlightTrack 5 make it a worthwhile investment for regular travelers, especially with its reasonable price point.

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