iPhone Owners Targeted in Apple Picking Crime Wave

iPhone Owners Targeted in Apple Picking Crime Wave

The phenomenon of smartphone theft is hardly a novelty, yet a bold new method known as “Apple Picking” is gaining traction, particularly in urban centers like New York City and St. Louis.

Reports suggest that this tactic is becoming increasingly widespread.

iPhone Owners Targeted in Apple Picking Crime Wave

The scheme typically unfolds as the perpetrator approaches someone on the street under the pretense of asking for the time. This strategy seems to particularly target those not wearing a watch. As the unsuspecting individual retrieves their phone to check the time, the thief quickly assesses the value of the device.

If it’s a basic model, the thief likely moves on. However, if it’s a high-end smartphone like an iPhone, the thief snatches the device and makes a quick getaway.

Recent data from the NYPD highlights a troubling trend: thefts involving Apple products are surging, constituting 14 percent of all crime in NYC, not just thefts but all types of criminal activities.

To safeguard against such thefts, one simple measure can be effective: wearing a watch. This might be a viable solution until perhaps, Apple decides to venture into the watch market as well.

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