Top 5 iOS Apps for On-Demand Medical Advice

Top 5 iOS Apps for On-Demand Medical Advice

The integration of technology in healthcare is rapidly advancing, with devices such as the iPhone and iPad at the forefront. These tools are not only revolutionizing the way doctors manage medical equipment, like ultrasound machines, but are also enhancing interactions between healthcare providers and patients. Here’s a look at five innovative apps that are streamlining the process of obtaining medical advice and facilitating self-care.

Urgent Care by GreatCall [iPhone; US$3.99 per call]

Top 5 iOS Apps for On-Demand Medical Advice

Urgent Care offers 24/7 access to registered nurses who can escalate issues to doctors if necessary. This app allows users to receive medical advice, get diagnoses, and have prescriptions written.

It also features a symptom checker and a medical dictionary for patient education. The service is provided by Great Call, creators of the Jitterbug phone, designed specifically for seniors.

Ask a Doctor [iOS Universal; Calls start at $17.99]

Ask a Doctor ensures that professional medical advice is just a call away, anytime. Users can directly ask questions, upload relevant health documents like lab reports and X-rays, and receive expert opinions. While general consultations are available, specialist advice can be sought for a higher fee.

Teladoc [iPhone; Pricing varies, starts around $39]

Teladoc connects users with doctors and pediatricians through phone or video consultations.

Endorsed by major hospitals such as Beth Israel in Boston, the app is used for diagnosing and prescribing treatments for common conditions. Consultation fees vary, and receipts are available for those seeking insurance reimbursement.

Doctor on Demand [iPhone; $40 for 15-minute consult]

Doctor on Demand is a newcomer to the digital healthcare scene, offering video consultations with healthcare professionals trained in various medical fields. Currently, the service is available from 7 AM to 11 PM and covers 15 states, with plans for expansion under the guidance of Dr. Pat Basu, a former White House Fellow.

WebMD for the iPad [iPad; Free]

For those seeking free medical advice, WebMD for the iPad is an invaluable resource.


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