Hourly News App: Get Latest Updates on Your Mac

Hourly News App: Get Latest Updates on Your Mac

For those who either avidly follow the news or prefer to minimize their daily intake, Hourly News offers a streamlined solution. This app aggregates news from various reputable sources and provides concise hourly updates, ensuring you stay informed on both local and global events.

Conveniently located in your menu bar, Hourly News allows you to access the latest news with just a simple click.

Hourly News App: Get Latest Updates on Your Mac

It features updates from major news outlets such as NPR, BBC News, Fox News, and ESPN SportsCenter, among others. For a minimal fee of US$0.99, users can customize their news feed by adding a preferred news source to the existing list of 16 options.

The brief news updates, which range from two to five minutes, are refreshed every hour, although some sources may update less frequently.

Users have the option to adjust settings for automatic progression to subsequent news items and to synchronize preferences via iCloud.

I find Hourly News particularly useful for staying informed about national and international developments during busy workdays. It’s an excellent tool for those who wish to remain updated without being overwhelmed by the constant stream of news media.

Hourly News is available for $2.99 on the Mac App Store, and there is an iOS version available for $0.99.

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