Avatron Launches Everydisk for Secure Personal Cloud Storage

In the ever-expanding world of remote data storage, familiar names like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive often dominate the conversation. However, Avatron, a developer known for its iOS/Mac applications, is now venturing into this competitive field with its new initiative, the Everydisk Kickstarter.

This project aims to provide secure access to your files directly from your home computer, no matter where you might be.

Everydisk’s main appeal lies in its promise to offer unlimited NAS-like storage capabilities. Unlike other services that restrict you to specific folders or drives, Everydisk allows full access to your entire disk.

This is achieved through a secure connection established via Diffie-Hellman key exchange, ensuring that your files are safely accessible wherever you go.

Avatron is banking on its established technology, Air Connect—also the foundation for their Air Login app—to set Everydisk apart from its competitors. Dave Howell, the founder of Avatron, describes Everydisk as a more reliable and user-friendly alternative to traditional VPNs and remote access services, supporting various protocols like Bonjour alongside other UDP-based services.

With about three weeks left in its fundraising efforts, the Kickstarter campaign has reached approximately 19 percent of its goal.


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