Spotify iOS Update: Free Shuffle Listening Options Now Available

Spotify iOS Update: Free Shuffle Listening Options Now Available

Spotify has long catered to desktop users with its free services, often leaving mobile users without a subscription to rely on other platforms like Pandora or iTunes Radio for their music needs. However, Spotify has now rolled out a new free streaming feature for iOS users, which is great news for those who enjoy playlists featuring their favorite artists.

This new feature on Spotify allows users to stream music from any artist or playlist, albeit in a shuffle mode.

Spotify iOS Update: Free Shuffle Listening Options Now Available

This means if you’re eager to hear “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen while waiting at the bus stop, you’ll need to visit his channel and let fate decide which track plays first. This might be less of an issue for artists with fewer albums, like Drake who has three, compared to Springsteen’s extensive 18-album repertoire.

Despite the shuffle-only mode, the ability to skip songs remains, providing users the chance to eventually land on their desired track.

This feature mirrors the appeal of platforms like Pandora and iTunes Radio, where users enjoy curated mixes without needing to control every song choice. So, for those who don’t mind a bit of randomness, Spotify’s new service could be quite the treat, allowing you to eventually groove to your favorite tunes, one skip at a time.

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