Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone: Reflecting on the 7-Year Anniversary

Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone: Reflecting on the 7-Year Anniversary

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, with his usual blend of enthusiasm and flair, introduced the world to the iPhone, marking a pivotal moment in tech history. This device has since sold in the hundreds of millions and has dramatically altered our interactions with technology, propelling us into a new era of innovation.

Reflecting on the anniversary of the iPhone, I reached out to colleagues at TUAW to gather their memories of the event and their experiences with the iPhone over the years.

Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone: Reflecting on the 7-Year Anniversary

Questions posed were:

  • Where were you when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone?
  • What were your initial thoughts on the device?
  • How many iPhones have you owned?

Here’s what they shared:

Steven Sande

I was right there in the audience during the keynote. The atmosphere was electric, truly a testament to Jobs’ charismatic presentation style.

My first impression was its simplicity and elegance — it was just a sleek black rectangle, a stark contrast to my then-current Palm Treo 650.

It was clear that the iPhone was set to revolutionize the industry.

Since then, I’ve owned eight different iPhones, starting from the iPhone 2G up to the iPhone 5s.

Michael Rose

During my first Macworld Expo with TUAW, I wasn’t on site but was connected by phone, getting live updates. The excitement was palpable even through the phone.

I was initially skeptical about the touch keyboard but was optimistic about its potential as a successor to the iPod.

I’ve used several models, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 5, all provided by my company.

Dave Caolo

I was covering the event live from my computer for TUAW. All I knew was that I wanted that phone immediately — it was the first mobile phone I ever felt compelled to own.

Chris Rawson

I don’t recall exactly what I was doing on the day of the announcement.

However, the iPhone was everything I had hoped for in a mobile device.

Despite its appeal, the initial cost and my upcoming move to New Zealand made it impractical to purchase one immediately.

Eventually, I started with the iPhone 3G and continued upgrading through to the iPhone 5.

Victor Agreda Jr

I was busy coordinating our coverage of the event from a nearby hotel. The iPhone’s introduction was a significant moment, and I knew it would be a game-changer.

I started with the iPhone 3GS and have upgraded several times since then.

Kelly Hodgkins

In 2007, I was busy with my young children and wasn’t able to follow the unveiling live.

Initially, I wasn’t very interested, mainly due to the lack of AT&T coverage in my area.

However, once the iPhone 4 launched on Verizon, I began purchasing every new model, starting from the iPhone 4 to the latest at the time, the iPhone 5s.

Erica Sadun

I was furiously typing away, covering the event in real-time. The iPhone immediately caught my interest, though I wasn’t sure if I’d purchase one right away.

Over the years, I’ve owned numerous iPhones, primarily for development and tech writing purposes.

Mel Martin

I was following the event online, eager to see what Apple would unveil.

Despite some initial reservations about its capabilities compared to other smartphones at the time, the iPhone’s innovative approach was enough to convince me to switch back to AT&T from Verizon.

Ilene Hoffman

I was at the keynote, covering it for another Mac site.


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