Scribe App: Transfer Text and Images from Mac to iOS

Scribe App: Transfer Text and Images from Mac to iOS

Following the recent introduction of Command-C, Scribe emerges as a new solution for transferring content from a Mac to an iOS device. Unlike its counterparts, Scribe utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity, avoiding the need for a WiFi network. This service facilitates the one-way transfer of text, URLs, and images.

The Scribe system includes a Mac menu bar application and a corresponding iOS app. To initiate pairing, activate Bluetooth on both the Mac and iOS device.

Scribe App: Transfer Text and Images from Mac to iOS

Once paired, the devices recognize each other automatically without needing to reconnect, unless the iPhone is inactive or out of Bluetooth range. Reconnecting requires opening the Scribe app on the iPhone and allowing a few seconds for the Mac to detect it.

Transferring content is straightforward using the Mac’s services menu or directly from the menu bar app. Users can right-click to send text or URLs via the ‘Send with Scribe’ option or use the clipboard for images and other content. Selecting ‘Send from Clipboard’ in the Scribe menu sends the content to the iPhone’s clipboard.

Once transferred, the content can be pasted directly into any compatible app on the iPhone.

The Scribe app also keeps a log of all transferred text items, making it easy to retrieve and use them.

However, Scribe does have some limitations. It only supports sending content from Mac to iOS, not the reverse. It is also best suited for small text snippets and images; attempting to send large files might result in transfer failure. Additionally, like other wireless transfer apps, Scribe cannot maintain a constant connection and requires reconnection for each use.

Scribe for Mac is available for purchase at $2.99, and the iOS app can be downloaded for free.


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